As part of our CIAO project, the Kopplabunz team was pleased to offer the holistic program offered by Koru a.s.b.l. Indeed, in our CIAO project we offer different workshops in order to facilitate the integration of women into the Luxembourgish society and prepare them for the job market.

The workshops are grouped in different modules: a first module brings together workshops that help participants to build confidence and self-esteem. A second module introduces them to Luxembourg (culture, language, history, mobility, housing, etc.) and a final module prepares them for the job market.

The program of Koru a.s.b.l. fits perfectly in the context of the module “Social and intercultural competences”. For Kopplabunz these skills are essential: feeling good and being confident is the basis of a good interaction with others and thus a good integration into society. It is very important for the Koplabunz team to approach this subject in different ways, and we were very happy with the offer made by Koru a.s.b.l. which is complementary to our offer. The program was very popular by our participants and we have received a lot of positive feedback.

As an example I can quote one of our participants who told us that despite all her private worries. she felt soothed and that the program really helped her manage the tensions well. Thanks to all the positive feedback we got from these workshops, the Kopplabunz team would like in the future, to be able to continue their work with Koru a.s.b.l. This is an offer that is a real enrichment to our project!

In the hope that the holistic program proposed by Koru a.s.b.l. may continue in the future, please accept, Madam, Sir, in the expression of our best regards.

Yolanda Lemmer
Head of Kopplabunz / Femmes en Détresse a.s.b.l.


The team of the shelter of applicants for international protection Felix Schroeder in Redange thank you for your intervention and the establishment of wellness sessions with our residents.

They gave us a very good feedback on your interventions and they not only appreciated learning the different techniques of well-being, but also the opportunity to practice them regularly .

Our residents reported that your sessions were breaks and gave them physical relaxation, better control over their thoughts, a better understanding of their emotions, and the fact that they begin to manage them positively.

Through your wellness sessions, they feel more peaceful, more balanced and more confident.

Please come back and continue your wellness programme with our residents.


Klodiana Calliku
Responsible Reception center Redange
Migrants and Refugees
Red Cross Luxembourg


As part of our educational activities offered to the male residents of the Bigonville shelter, run by Caritas Luxembourg, we have set up a program of wellness sessions in partnership with the Koru association.

The Koru Association carry out their mission with professionalism and conviction. In fact, during their sessions full of enthusiasm and dynamism, they were able to motivate and mobilize the participants throughout the program that have helped to cultivate a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in an environment where tensions were quite strong.

The program has helped residents to regain emotional balance, contribute to their personal fulfillment and helped to manage the frustration in their daily life. These weekly sessions are more than beneficial, they had already a healing effect.

The skills of the KORU members  have largely helped to heal the symptoms of anxiety, depression and the lack of a sense of belonging. This ability of the team to communicate this positive energy has allowed the applicants and beneficiaries of international protection to regain self-confidence that will allow them to reconnect and confront their reality of everyday life.


Caritas Luxembourg

Bigonville-Moulin International Protection Camp


Valuable and necessary work

The services provided by Koru are valuable and necessary in our present-day circumstances. When I think about all the people you have helped already and when I think of the vast number of people still in need I feel not only deeply grateful for your courage and vision but also strongly compelled to help support your good cause.

All members of Il Sipario and me hope that our donation provides you at least small amount of assistance towards the continuation of your services.

Again, thank you for all what you do.

Amelia Conte and Il Sipario


Very useful techniques

We are very pleased with the work you are doing in our camp which provides education about management of emotions and to regain and have a healthier relationship with our body again.

Many of our people have had great success with your techniques while dealing with difficult situations in their lives; in particular, even our staff could profit from this in their private lives and work.

We look forward to seeing you continue with your work in our camp for international protection.

Thank you for your efforts!

Sven Fischer

Caritas Luxembourg

Diekirch International Protection Camp


Big task undertaken

Along with Paul Golightly we gave an intensive training in Capacitar techniques for trauma and stress for the Koru core team and volunteers in November 2017.

I was most impressed not only with the high level of motivation but also with the organisational skills involved in getting Koru off the ground and with the drive to sustain it and move it forward.

It was clear for us that the Koru team has established good relations with both, the institutions and the asylum seekers whose needs are so complex. It also brought home to me how big is the task which Koru has undertaken.

They definitely need and deserve support.

Marj McDaid

Capacitar International



Worthy of support and recognition

The workshops are well structured and excellently presented. I was impressed by the efficacy of the techniques that we learned in order to reduce stress and anxiety.

For the most of us leading busy lives where the work-life balance is hard to achieve, I and others are grateful to have acquired new tools that can easily be applied in everyday life that help us to find that equilibrium.

Furthermore, the objective of promoting workshops for vulnerable communities such international protection seekers is of paramount importance and one that is close to my heart. 

Their aim to reaching out to bridge cultures through intercultural dialogues is incredibly valid and it is worthy of support and recognition.

I sincerely hope that Koru a.s.b.l. succeeds in its goal and we look forward in collaborating with you in future projects.

Jean-Marie Nau


Training Institute Lëtzebuerg

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