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Our core team is made up of 5 members, namely Ms. Tania Alamilla, originally from Mexico, Ms. Denise Clarke, originally from the UK, Ms. Camille Dassy from Belgium, Ms. Lorraine Duong from France/Vietnam, Ms. Lidice Mendizabal, originally from Mexico, Raad Ahmed from Iraq, Mr. Shahram Parnian from Iran/Luxembourg and María Belén Zambrano from Ecuador/Luxembourg.

We share this path with ten volunteers with different cultural backgrounds – France, Iran, Iraq, Luxembourg, Libya, The Netherlands, Spain – occupations, age ranges and skills that we have recently recruited and trained.

We also count on the support and Academic sponsorship of Prof. Dr Ludwig Neyses, the vice-rector, head of the research department at the University of Luxembourg and also a prestigious cardiologist.

As we come from diverse professional, academic and cultural backgrounds, this has enabled us to build Koru into an association able to reach multicultural communities, sensitive to their needs and with the professional rigour necessary to make our projects a great success.

All and every single one of them is contributing to creating a solid, fertile and enriching ground for Koru


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